Calibration for Clinical Institutions

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Factory Calibrated and Certified

The Caregiver is factory calibrated and certified to meet the ASTM E1965-1998 standard for infrared thermometers in a clinical environment.  With proper use, the thermometer will not require recalibration for the duration of the warranty period.  It has been designed for stability with high volume use and has no moving parts in the infrared sensor and optic assembly.  Every thermometer is individually calibrated in multiple temperature environments over the specified operating range using traceable infrared Blackbody standards

The Caregiver Sensor

The custom infrared sensor is an all-metal hermetically-sealed integrated sensor and optical system.  Many infrared thermometers use separately mounted plastic lenses or plated mirrors which are susceptible to changes in the optical properties over time and are subject to mechanical shock.  This can affect the calibration.

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Narrow Field-of-view Silicon Lens

Caregiver with its silicon lens has a more narrow field of view (FOV) requiring more complex optic components and amplifying electronics than typical infrared thermometers.  (Its FOV is similar to a 150mm telephoto lens on a 35mm camera).  This translates to better repeatability when the distance to the skin varies and so it is less susceptible to differences in operator technique.

Protected Recessed Sensor

An important design aspect is that the sensor is recessed a full inch away from the front of the thermometer - more than any other clinical thermometer.  This reduces the likelihood of calibration error due to fingerprints, oils from skin or other foreign matter entering the optical path.

Calibration Check and Recalibration for Clinical Institutions

Although Caregiver should not normally require recalibration during the warranty period, many institutions require annual calibration checking and certification.  Also, if sensor damage is suspected, calibration check is warranted.

 Calibration checking may be accomplished in any of the following ways:

  1. Return the thermometer to Thermomedics for recertification and it will be promptly returned.  (A new Caregiver will be returned if the original cannot be recalibrated)
  2. Check calibration on-site with the Caregiver Calibration checker Model CC-TF (available May 2014)  The checker will determine whether the device is in calibration or whether the thermometer needs to be returned for factory recalibration.
  3. Check calibration using a Blackbody immersed in a stirred waterbath and compare temperature to a traceable reference contact thermometer.  Specifications for these components are as follows:
  • Stirred waterbath with stability within 0.05°C (Example Anova Model C6 )
  • Reference contact thermometer with uncertainty no greater than 0.04°C. (Example: Fluke/Hart Model 1524 and probe Fluke/Hart Model 5610-9-P or Reference Thermapen Model #222-213)
  • Blackbody reference as specified by ASTM standard E1965-1998 or European Standard EN 12470-5.  (Available from Thermomedics Model BB-TF)

Calibration checking is accomplished with one of the above methods and is described in more detail at the knowledgebase.

Calibration Coverage and Procedure

Thermomedics will offer one free full factory calibration at anytime during the warranty period of 2 years.

  • Customer will send the unit prepaid to the Thermomedics Service Center.
  • Thermomedics will check the unit and recalibrate it if necessary or possible


  • If recalibration is not possible, replace the customer unit with a new unit.
  • Thermomedics will  return the recalibrated unit and be responsible for the shipping cost back to the customer.
  • If the unit has been obviously mishandled or misused, Thermomedics at its option may charge a rework fee.  The customer will be notified and approval to proceed will be required from customer by Thermomedics.

Calibration Service Center

Warranty and post-warranty calibration to original factory specifications is available at the Thermomedics Service Center.  Call 800-208-3009 x300 to request a Return Goods Authorization (RGA).

Send your thermometer and RGA document prepaid to:

Thermomedics Service Center/ Calibration

18310 Calle La Serra

Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091

We will return your thermometer shipping prepaid to your address.

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