Why TouchFree?

Caregiver is a non-contact infrared clinical-grade thermometer for use on infants, children, and adults. It does not require use of probe covers, and…

  • is  documented for use in clinical environments
  • delivers an instant temperature reading
  • reduces operator technique-dependency
  • is completely portable
  • provides up to 15,000 readings from a set of AA batteries
  • is rugged enough for high-volume use in a wide variation of medical treatment and diagnostic settings
  • can be used without awakening sleeping patients
  • has no sharp probes and is completely safe to use in all medical environments

The device has been cleared by FDA, meets all ASTM specifications for clinical performance, and is extremely affordable. It delivers an oral-equivalent temperature directly from the forehead.

Currently there are several alternative methods of clinical thermometry available (predictive oral/rectal/axillary electronic , infrared tympanic, liquid crystal, temporal artery contact scanner, etc.) which deliver patient temperatures. Few of these can properly operate without expensive protective probe covers, most require intensive technique concentration and are prone to mistaken placement or dwell time, and many have potential to need replacement metal probes, cords, or other parts.

Because Caregiver does not require expensive and bulky probe cover supplies to work effectively, it saves cost of storage space, eliminates cost of floor-delivery logistics, and completely saves the hospital/LTC facility/surgery center the entire current cost of covers (usually about $0.05 to $0.15 per temperature), as well as waste disposal costs for plastic residue. TouchFree temps without plastic probe covers also support “green” sustainabililty programs and help to dramatically improve infection control efforts.